The Game Of Badminton Can Be Played By Anyone, But It Can Be Enjoyed Only If You Are Physically Fit

The Game Of Badminton Can Be Played By Anyone, But It Can Be Enjoyed Only If You Are Physically Fit

Badminton is a game played between two individuals in opposing situations or two pairs in opposite situation. The game is played on a rectangular shaped badminton court where the two players or the two teams are dided by a net. The contention is to hit the shuttlecock so hard that it manages to hit the ground on the opponent's side of the court. The opponent does the same, while at the same time doing his best to prevent the shuttlecock from touching the ground on his side.

In doing so, he can use the tennis racquet. Players must take care that the shuttlecock makes contact with their racquets just once. The shuttlecock has to pass over the net and into the opponent's side.

A game is to be continued only for a limited period of time, so the game may come to an end if the time is over. If a player commits a mistake or overrides the prescribed rules of the game in any manner, points are awarded to the opposite party.

A shuttlecock used in a game of badminton is a feathered projectile usually made of plastic with aerodynamic features typical to itself. This way, it is different from any  of the balls used in any ball game like cricket. Professional badminton is always played in closed stadiums where the air cannot disturb the flight of shuttlecocks.  But it  is often played for the sake of recreation.

The game of badminton found itself in the Olympics in 1992. The sport demands exceptional physical fitness on the part of the players, and a good coordination of the sensory and motor nerves of the body.



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