How to Improve Your Play as Point Guard

How to Improve Your Play as Point Guard

The point guard is a crucial team member is college basketball, leading play, controlling the flow of the game and fueling the attack. If you play point guard in your college team, here are some key aspects of your game you should work on to get the essentials of your role right.     

Controlling the pace of the game
The team looks to you to change the speed and flow of the game to suit strategy. On attacks and counters, especially, adjusting the pace of the play effectively to pressurize the other defense is the hallmark of a great point guard.

Choosing the appropriate plays
Making the right decisions constantly is crucial to maintain control of the game and turn situations to your advantage. Crucial to this is having great control over your own gameplay, to be able to move at will, and reading the game constantly to maintain spatial awareness to plan your moves. Mixing up your game with fakes and getting the opposition to jump gives you precious additional moments to consider your options.  

Leading the team
Good point guards support their team additionally by flagging any changes needed in play or providing tips to teammates based on their reading of the game. Composed direction helps the team adapt to the opposition's gameplay while also motivating it.

These are crucial traits of a great point guard and should be the focus of your training. Improve these parts of your game seriously, and, soon enough, you will see yourself flourishing in the role. 


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