Dwyane Wade’s Dad In Cavs T-Shirt

Dwyane Wade’s Dad In Cavs T-Shirt

The  other  clear  indicator  that  Dwyane  Wade  time  in Miami  is  coming  to  the  end, this  happened  when  Wades  father  showed  up then  spoke at a  church  while  he  was  in Cleveland Cavaliers  t- shirt  leaving  people  in  confusion  what  was  the  meaning  of  that.

Though  Wades  sister  later  posted  on  Instagram  to rectify  the confusion that,  the  whole issue  does  not  have  anything  to  do  her  brother’s future  as  a basketball  player. She  said her  dad  was  a  star  player ,  basketball  fan  then  a great  coach  afterwards,  so  him  wearing  the t-shirt  was  his  choice  after  making  some  observations.
The  situation  has  become  so  deep  that  people  are  now  posting  comments  on  the  whole  ordeal. Wade’s  wife, actress  Gabrielle  Union  on  her  side  laughed  at  the fact  that  her  husband  stay  in  Miami in a Reddit  AMA.

Though  wade  might  have  misspoke  when  he  uttered, “When  I  was  in  Miami….”  However this  word  use has  been  quite  curious   since  he  began  airing  his  complains  with  the Heat  about  the  contract  he  have.

This  started  since  he  took the  short  deal  the  previous  summer, wade  need  to  raise  a  lasting  agreement in  this  offseason.  One  of  the Wades  pals  also  said  the Wade  star  was  upset  on  the  issues  of  the  contract  dispute.

While  Wades father  turned up on  the “The Hot  Corner”  which  is  an  internet  radio  show, he  had  a very  simply  answer  for  them when  he  was  asked about  his  son’s  stay  in  Miami, “You  know  I  have  heard that  maybe two  to three  hundred  times” he said, “ and  the  answer  I can probably  give to  that  is, you  guys  have  had D-Wades  ever  since he  came to  the league, let’s pray with  God he  stays here the rest  of  the  way”  he  added. 



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