One year since the terrible accident – keep fighting, Michael !

One year since the terrible accident – keep fighting, Michael !

Formula 1 fans know it better than anyone – it has been over a year since Michael Schumacher devastating accident, when he suffered major head injuries after a skiing crash at the French Alps resort Meribel.

It has been a year full of suspense for both Schumacher’s family and fans. They have all prayed for his quick recovery. Anyhow, the doctors have said that severe head injuries like this provoke a lot of damage and because of this it can be hard to estimate a recovery time. The champion is, therefore, expected to recover in years.

Michael Schumacher’s family, his wife and his children, have remained mostly silent since the devastating accident on 29th December 2013. The champion has been moved to his family’s home after nine months spent in the hospital. There have been some speculations during the recovery of the Formula 1 champion. For example, a former Formula 1 racer Philippe Streiff spread information which said that Schumacher can’t speak, but has started to recognize his family. However, Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's manager said that this information does not come from his family and therefore, should not be validated.

In spite of his unfortunate accident, Michael Schumacher is still in the hearts of his fans and fellow racers who have remembered the day of 29th December, the day that marked a year since his accident, and have written messages on Twitter with the hashtag #KeepFightingMichael. We are all hoping that he will recover soon. After all, he will always be a champion.


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