Six NFL coaching vacancies to be filled.

Six NFL coaching vacancies to be filled.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, there is much speculation about the six NFL coaching vacancies to be filled. Currently, the six teams looking to fill coaching spots are:  San Francisco, New York (Jets), Oakland, Buffalo, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Chicago Bears

The strongest candidate for the Bears right now appears to be Adam Gase, offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos.  Even though he is only 36 years old, he has developed as the coordinator of one of the most offensive teams in the NFL. It still remains to see if he can bring it to Chicago.

New York Jets

The best candidate to coach the Jets is Doug Marrone. The reason he appears as a good candidate for the Jets is the fact that he is a son of New York.  Besides this, he was a Jets offensive from 2002-2005.  Fans and the media do not seem to be very fond of him.

Atlanta Falcons

Everything seems to point towards the Falcons strengthening their play into a tougher one with the help of Rex Ryan. The former New York Jets coach might have what it takes to bring discipline to the game of the Falcons. One of the reasons he is a contender is his significant defensive mind, something needed by the Falcons.

Buffalo Bills

The best choice to lead the Bills is definitively Darrell Bevell, Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator. Bevell is more likely to lead the Bills to gain a powerful offensive. He stands as the best candidate to take the Bills in this direction.

Oakland Raiders

Given that Mike Shanahan is a veteran Super Bowl-winning coach and the fact that the Raiders have been unstable in the coach chair, these two seem to be a great match. This will help the coach earn the respect of the players, which will make a good combination of veteran and young players.

San Francisco 49ers

Many seem to believe that Rex Ryan would be the best choice as the coach for the 49ers. Given that they already have a solid defense, with Ryan they might become the most powerful defense in the league.


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