NFL’s Johnny Manziel Has Rocky Career

NFL’s Johnny Manziel Has Rocky Career

The transition from college football to the NFL can be a rocky one for some players. The game speeds up, the athletes are all at a world-class caliber, and the mental aspect of the sports changes as well. Aside from what happens during games, avoiding obstacles off the field can be even more of a challenge. Johnny Manziel is the latest example of an athlete who has had issues with both of these pitfalls.

Manziel came to college with an astonishing resume. As a freshman quarterback for Texas A&M, he rushed for 1,000 yards and passed for 3,000 yards. Only five quarterbacks had accomplished this feat in NCAA history; Manziel did it in his first season, earning the Heisman Trophy.

Upon entering the NFL and being drafted by the Cleveland Browns, there were some who felt his attitude would lend itself to unprofessional antics. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened: it seemed he was in the news every year getting arrested, being unprofessional or excessive use of drugs and alcohol. He checked himself into rehab in 2014, but got caught drinking and making bad decisions a year later. The Browns are expected to cut him soon, following a domestic violence charge and not reporting to camp on time.

His performance on the field was disappointing as well, not living up to what you’d expect given his talent level. Teammates were often disappointed by his level of effort, and he was moved in and out of the starter role. Fans can only hope he improves his work ethic and discipline to make the most of his natural talents.  

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