Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is the only private school in the Southeastern Conference. At the same time this is the smallest school (6.600 undergraduates). This university fields 9 women’s and 5 men’s intercollegiate teams. The women’s lacrosse team competes in the Big East Conference. The interesting fact is that, Vanderbilt University is the only school that has no volleyball and softball teams, although there are some possibilities that they will be added in the future.

The strongest teams at the Vanderbilt University are men’s and women’s basketball and women’s tennis teams. The play in Memorial Gym, built in 1952. It has been nicknamed Memorial Magic. In 2014, NCAA College World Series was won by the baseball team. It is held annually in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2008 the Commodore football team had its first winning season in last 25 years.

The college teams from the Vanderbilt University are known as Commodores. This is done in honor of the Cornelius Vanderbilt (he made a fortune in shipping). Alumni and students refer to the sports teams as Dores. Their nickname, Commodore, was used in the 19th century. It represents an officer of a task force of ships. It had a higher ranking than the captain, but lower than the admiral. This term is still used in some navies, including the British Royal Navy.

Due to this unique nickname, the mascot of the Vanderbilt University is portrayed as a 19th century naval officer. It has cutlass, mutton chops and uniform. Fans of the Vanderbilt teams cheer with ‘’Anchor down’’ accompanied by the ‘’VU.’’ Notable alumni includes 7 Nobel Prize laureates, 25 Rhodes Scholars, 2 Vice Presidents of the United States, Pulitzer Prize winners and Academy Award winners.


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